Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Working Moms' Favorite Sites REVEALED!

So...after a rather painstaking process—the results of my totally non-scientific survey are in. 45 of my closest mom friends have spoken...

Just a note on the survey sample: Most of my mom friends work and those who do not “work” are NOT what I would refer to as the classic stay-at-home moms—in fact they are less likely to be at home than most of us because of their other "outside" interests that take them to L.A. or Tibet...

So what are the Working Moms of the somewhat affluent suburbs (this marketing opportunity sweet-spot so to speak) viewing on the the web?


Now...I know it is a big surprise, but it is true.

What sites are they visiting over and over again like the pathetic addicts that they are?
Tripadvisor.com and Travelzoo.com

Tripadvisor is the one site that came up more than any other followed by Travelzoo....moms are not looking for recipes, not looking for parenting advice (please we get enough from in-laws and even strangers on the street), nor sales.

We are looking for adventure!

It is so true...I know EXACTLY what hotel in Rome I would love to reserve and I know what hotel in Rome we can afford to reserve. Barcelona, Florence, Paris—the trips are completely planned...in my head. If the child did not have a mouth full of braces and a math tutor—we would be in Buenos Aires this week at the Hotel Babel.

Tripadvisor and Travelzoo take note—Start a mommy blog about travel.

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  1. Look, there already are some:
    And they are looking for traveling, blogging moms!