Saturday, October 17, 2009

News Flash--Moms are too Busy & Men have Time to Burn

“Female iPhone Users More Likely to Tune Out Mobile Advertising” reports Ad though it is a huge surprise.

Although I don’t believe it is a news flash to any mom, but apparently for the advertisers is was an epiphany.
Moms are “less engaged with mobile web advertising” and tend to focus on getting tasks done instead. duh.

The other big surprise revealed in the article, which, for anyone who has a husband or who works in an office with men is not ground shaking news—Men are much more engage with mobile web advertising than women. Probably because their time is freed-up while the women do all those daily tasks....

Of course this all leads up to the controversial, yet popular, PepsiCo's sponsored app "Amp Up Before You Score" for the iPhone. An app to help men be less dopey when trying to pick-up women by feeding the dopes pick-up lines to use with different types of women—I personally think of it as a public service. I think every woman regardless of age remembers painful pick-up lines...surely this app can only help.
The only problem, of course, is that the developers just went a little too “guy,” Rather than coming off as an app to enhance first impression, it was marketed in the most base a way “TO SCORE.” But what can I say—Men are dopey....and the ad people know it. The ad people just forget that EVERYONE sees the app—it is not written on the men’s locker room wall.

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  1. Yeah! I never really thought about it, but it is outrageous that women don't put up more of a fuss that in half the commercials out there, we used as the prize - if you buy this product you will get a brand new.....woman! But with a subtle twist, they can fool the men and please the women - great idea!