Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do You Want a Coupon with that Sarcasm?

After some research I have found there are basically two types of mommy Blogs and then, of course, the various hybrids. There are the sarcastic blogs that chronicle the life and times of regular moms and then there are the thrifty moms…the moms with tips on how to clip and use coupons. I think this basically all comes back to the two types of moms—those who work outside the home and those who work in the home.

Here is the link from the scholastic press contest:

The top 3 of the 5 listed are the day-in-a-life type of blog—funny, thought provoking —they have advertisers, but no product reviews, no tips for saving, no coupons to clip. The last two are all about working in the home and I mean REALLY working. Strategies for saving, for making the home look beautiful for less… Have you ever seen that commercial about the woman who has a dirty carpet in her foyer that she refuses to let a friend in from the rain because she is too embarrassed? These blogs are where these “fear” commercials should be playing because if your worst fear is dirty carpet don’t come a knockin’ at my door…I will let you in…messy floor and all. Thank god for our slate floors—you cannot tell they are dirty until your shoes stick to them.

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  1. At age 8, my daughter became outraged at how women are featured in all the cleaning product commercials. I had become so used to it I didn't even notice anymore. I think we should boycott all cleaning products until they come up with products that trick men into cleaning. Of course they would have to come up with a completely different strategy - men would never be "afraid" that guests can see their dirty house. Perhaps they could feature their wives out at the gym and spa - using all the cleaning time on making themselves gorgeous.